Difference Between Hotel and Motel

Hotels and motels offer the customer with a comfortable destination to stay and rest. The definition of hotel varies in many countries. Some of them are; only accommodation, cafe, bar or a place where one can stay and be served meals in fixed circumstances.

Hotels are accommodations within city limits that will be open to the customer for a few months. Facilities like wash-stand, bed, cupboard and table had been provided. With time, more luxuries like restaurant, pool, telephone and internet are now being provided to make the guest and. Lately, hotels allow their customers to have extended stays.

Motels in contrast provide a place to rest for motorists. This word was coined after the Second World War. The bottomline is, motel means a hotel where motorists arrived at take rest. These have big parking areas for the vehicles. Here, interconnected rooms open inside a common parking lot or a small room is directly accessible from the parking area. Demand for motels has increased following your making of highways which has allowed people to take on long drives. Motels are generally close to these highways for resting of drivers.

Hotels have better architecture with elevators, rooms in many floors, corridors and some other luxuries. Motels have room only as much first floor with fundamental requirements only and an entry to the parking area nevertheless no frills. Hotels get fairly large staff for managing various departments enjoy reception, house-keeping, or parking. Motels can be managed with simply receptionist and housekeeping staff members.

Hotels work out to be more expensive than motels for the facilities provided and comes with a longer stay.




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