Sandra Bridewell


Sandra Camille (Capabilities) Bridewell, was born, May 4, 1944. She was adopted for a child by Arthur together with Camille Powers of Sedalia, Missouri. Your lady was known primarily for a destructive con-artist, since, over the course of more than 3 decades, over who became known as the “Black Widow”, robbed both lovers and friends for hundreds of thousands of dollars. She’s also suspected of being a part of, atleast considered one of her husbands in addition to a close friend death.

Everything started in a disconcerting and traumatic childhood. Reviews indicate, that at the age of 3, her adoptive mom, Camille, was killed in a car-accident. Bridewell’s father, Arthur, who both managed and commanded a Dr. Pepper bottling manufacturing plant, ultimately re-married, and the family were re-located to Oak Cliff, Texas, a suburb associated with Dallas. He resigned with his previous position and found new employment, becoming a cemetary plot salesman.

Bridewell found that adjusting to her new surroundings was not the problem, the problem was adjusting to the woman’s new stepmother Doris. The two of them were continuosly fighting, whilst Bridewell would demonstration that her stepmother regulary locked her in the closet, refused to send birthday party invitations and revel in telling her that no one wanted her.

Bridewell graduated high school graduation in the year associated with 1962. As a high school graduation student, she would rarely date, however after college graduation, the girl soon began dating a series of different men. She had been extreamly seductive, many with the men became totally affected with, what a later friend would describe since, “her, ‘lady-like’, ‘poor-helpless-me’ routine”. Bridewell attended junior college for a single year, it seems Bridewell had already decided her intentions, she desired to marry into money.


For Sandra to achieve her intentions, she started out living a life, littered with deception and deceit. She would tell some friends, which both of her adoptive moms and dads were killed. She would tell many others she was daughter to help Irish aristocrats. The most common deceit that she used with regularity, was the “West Issue Boyfriend”, this entailed the story on the boyfriend who shot himself while she sat beside him in a vehicle.

Despite Sandra’s continuous deceptive nature, she was capable to convince many people to trust her lies, especially males. Many stories from these men, were very similar and followed a standard theme, recalling, “She possessed a way” and, “Men, just type of… were fascinated with her”. Sandra with the course of her life, would intensify the deception and lived with many different aliases.

There were many victims, with her guiltless deceit. One such victim, was the up-shot dentist professionist, David Stegall, who was schooled in La and was a regular dentist for high-status Hollywood stars. Stegall had some sort of compulsion towards, Cadillacs, big homes and pretty a lot of women. Sandra noticed something she liked about Stegall, and by the year 1967 she had married him. Within the first few years after the marriage, the couple started to raise a family, together with soon had 3 children, Britt, Kathryn and Emily. Everyone enjoyed a high-class lifestyle and lived in the most desirable Dallas neighbourhood.

Sandra’s taste and passion for the finer things were even more profound than her partners, and desite the massive salary and reputation of Stegall, Sandra’s tastes were needs to strain and taking the family to the brink. Sandra was a connoisseur of many things, she loved beautiful artwork and expensive home furnishings. By the year 1974, the couple’s marriage was in turmoil and the family was in severe debt, impelling Stegall to loan a substantial sum of money from his father to pay off a number of the hefty bills.

By January 1975, the situation possessed over-come Stegall, and he tried to commit committing suicide. Reviews indicate that Sandra discovered a distressed Stegall closed in the closet with a gun pointed at his face. Sandra was then capable to persuade Stegall to re-consider. However this don’t change Stegall for the long-term, and a few weeks later he was discovered dead. Lying on in his bed with both wrists open and a. 22 caliber gunshot injury through his head.

Sandra swiftly took action towards straightening her finances. That started with the assortment of her husband’s life insurance coverage, offered the lat Stegall’s practice and began dating some other wealthy men. After only a 3 years of the woman’s husband’s death, Sandra was married again, this time for you to well-known Dallas based construtor, Bobby Bridewell.

Soon following your wedding Bridewell took the decision to adopt Sandra’s 3 daughters along with the family made their’ home inside fancy Dallas neighbourhood associated with Highland Park. However with 1980, life changed and in dramatic and tragic twist Bridwell was diagnosed with cancer. Sandra found that diagnosis extremely painful, as she continued her lifetime in her usual way, with an elemental grieving. During her husbands battle with the illness, Sandra decided to own family’s entire household remodelled, forcing the weakening Bridewell to move into a friend’s house. Bridewell after a 2 year struggle, finally succumbed to his diagnoses and died.

Your impact of Bridewell’s death was hard-felt by Sandra. At the least for the short-term, she could gain support and hope, in the friendship with Bridewell’s oncologist, Dr’ Kim Bradwell and his darling Betsy. In the beginning the couple were a lot more than happy and open to consider support to their friend. Sandra over-time, began visiting the Bagwell household with more frequent persistence. Whilst your physician and his wife were enjoying a secondary in New Mexico, Sandra went as much as to show up unannounced. Her increasing requests were frequented with pleads of childcare and harassment through phone calls.

The Bagwell’s soon opted upon action, and attempted to extricate themselves from the relationship with Sandra. Sandra however may not allow it. In June 1982, she made a phone call to Betsy, and requested she take her on the hospital, which means that she could rent a car as her’s wouldn’t get started. Betsy supplicated together with would take Sandra on the hospital, and then into the Church were Sandra once was parked so she could retrieve her license, which often she claimed on planned arrival, have been forgotten.

The complete details of the face remain shrouded in mystery. Precisely what is understood, is actually that on June 06, 1982, authorities discovered your 40-year old Mrs. Bagwell, dead in her Mercedes i the airport parking lot. There was a sizable gunshot wound in the woman’s head, and a thieved. 22 caliber pistol kept in her right side. when the verdict was presented with, it was concluded as a suicide.

Despite the verdict, there was still several questions unanswered. The police were aware that Sandra was the last person to have seen Betsy alive. Questions emerged regarding the death, these included the lack of a suicide note. The authorities however refused to re-examine the outcome and it remained closed.

As was so accustomed to Sandra, she non-chalantly continued with her life. By June 1984, another boyfriend had fallen into the woman’s clutches. The victim, some sort of good-looking 29 year-old, Joe Rehrig, experienced just moved to Dallas to start work for a house loan company. Sandra was talking around her yard, when Rehrig, searching for a place he could call property, happened to pass as a result of in his car. Pulling his Ford Bronco over aside of the road, he asked Sandra if she knew of any apartments to advance into. She admitted she did not, as a substitute, agreeing to help him out.

Within a few short weeks the set became inseparable. Rehrig was extremely attracted to Sandra’s 3 daughters, who, at their’ mother’s phoning would announce themselves upon an unsuspecting Rehrig, although he was busy working at his office. Sandra, by the fall of 1984, had some unexpected news for Rehrig and delivered the news that she was expecting a baby with twins. This situation was much more curious for one important reason, 7 years previous Sandra underwent a successful hysterectomy. This was nevertheless more deceit from Sandra, experiencing that as she gained some weight around her stomach, that she could lie efficiently. There were of training course more lies, lies including her age, telling Rehrig your lady was 36, when she was in fact 41.

A respected Rehrig, had no purpose to doubt his brand-new girlfriend, since he still felt the were learning each other. Regardless of the odd intervention of friend’s to show to Rehrig the speed when his life was changing, he was also within love, together with, December 1984, Sandra Bridewell together with Alan Rehrig became couple.

There was always your awareness to Sandra, that this pregnancy lie could only take her so far. Using, Rehrig committed altogether to his wife, Sandra was able to easily change the account. Consequently, in February 1985, she made a phone call to her husband together with told him the unlucky news that she experienced a miscarriage.

The news was devastating to Rehrig and also the marriage began to suffer consequently. Like her previous a couple husbands, Rehrig was needs to realise that his wife a pallet for expensive tastes. She’d push him to make more and more money, and made him take away a big life insurance policy. Friend’s recall how Rehrig lamented of Sandra’s habits, since she spent $20, 000 a month on clothes, food together with travel.

December 1985, and also the couple separated. Rehrig was convinced he had to end the connection with Sandra and moved to a friend’s home. The two of them, were separated for an occasion of several weeks and didn’t so much as set eyes upon the other. Then in early Dec, Sandra called Rehrig and arranged a meeting at a storage facility at which the two had placed some items.

The true happenings of what ensued in the next several hours have never been determined. What is usually understood is, Rehrig was located slumped over in his Bronco in Okla. Your were vast gunshot wounds to both head and the chest. It was also determined that Rehrig has in fact been driven all the way to Oklahoma. The death of Rehrig was seriously scrutinised, Sandra was alleged of his murder, however nothing may be pinned on the lovely women who had become known around Dallas for the reason that, “Black Widow”. The woman’s demeanor under interrogation could be described as coy, almost playful. There was then a total switch in behaviour in the “Black Widow”, and your lady became completely uncooperative, refusing anyone to talk to both the woman’s and her daughters.

If there would be any grief towards her husbands death, then it was being hidden well. Sandra, has been scrimping on funeral expenses, selecting the most in-expensive casket possible for Rehrig and then convincing her friends to hide the burial costs. On the day of the service, the girl arrived late, dressed check out foot in a rich mink coat. This was a cost-effective expense, Rehrig’s passing had provided her with a $220, 000 life insurance coverage claim, dropped straight into her bank-account.

Sandra’s reputation however was at tatters. A popular local magazine, detailing Sandra’s curious past, and recounting her behaviour was to serve to this. Sandra has been soon to leave Dallas for good, the girl re-located herself and her family to the San Francisco area. Sandra still contained the identical charm and engaged that upon Marin County, the girl soon began dating a bunch of wealthy men, who have been sympathetic towards her past story, that story would often incorporate the utilization of a trust fund that she was going to be receiving and her non-restrained sexual inhibition. One of many men loaned her $23, 000., even though another was suckered inside parting with $70, 000, which he pulled up through the pension. Neither with the men received an individual penny of their funds back, even though people took their’ claims to court. Soon, the same and similar stories that will had surrounded Sandra in Dallas, began to appear in San Francisco.

By the early 1990′ ohydrates, Sandra changed her name and was now known as Camille Bridewell. She possessed left California, and traveled to Boston, where she took up residence with a boyfriend. She was also some sort of resident in Connecticut and Hawaii. Despite the switch of addresses, the exact same meanness still stewed in her underbelly. She would now steal the Social Security amounts of other people, she would take out credit cards, and roof-rack up huge purchases, lacking any intent to ever pay the cash back. she was so malicious in her actions, that she even destroyed the credit of the woman’s daughters.

As the centuries came around, Sandra had been now middle aged, together with shifted from sexuality to religion, as to draw her victims closer. The basis of her stories would now involve the invention of stories such as, the girl was a missionary who had traveled the world and work with orphans. As usual she has been very persuasive and had a way to make people submit to help her wants. She then befriended a few who owned and managed a motel in the state of Alabama. Despite the fact that she was unable to even cover a room, the girl was receiving food and money in the cople.

she continued while using the missionary story, and as she moved herself to help Atlanta, she would switch her name slightly, with Bridewell to Bridwell. She then convinced a lady she met at church to split with the cost of an expensive condo local rental. After a little period passed, Bridwell’s innovative housemate, found she was investing in everything, as Sandra claimed she was waiting for a large amount of money to be delivered mode her trust fund.

Since 2006 ensued, Sandra surfaced in New york, at a new religious and changed her identify to Camille Bowers. Later that year, in September, she moved herself with with Sue Moseley, a 77 year old lovely women, residing in a million dollar home over the Carloina coast. Sandra struck up a overcome the son, Rick, that in substitution for the management of the housekeeping, she would receive free room and board.

She began to produce a respectable reputation around the area community, and spoke a couple of times at a local women’s club. Sandra then began the approach of acquiring the finances with the Moseley’s. She gathered duty records, accumulated her Social Security payments to a separate account, siphoned off of mortgage money, created credit charges and used Mosele’s bank account to fund her personalized expenses, including spa remedies and expensive shoes.

Jim soon became suspicious with the new housekeeper, and early in 2007, he found a length newspaper story in a Dallas publication, chronicling this exploits of her life. Micheal, working alongside the authorities, for a front man in a sting, aided the arrest with the “Black Widow”, on 2nd March 2007 in the cafe in Charlotte, North carolina.


The story of Sandra Bridewell culminates with numerous charges under the woman’s name. She was invested of, identity fraud, fraud, mail theft and Social Security fraud. After the arrest and also the heavy publicity, the authorities took a renewed interest in the death of Rehrig and the police of Oklahoma Town, pour more resources plus more manpower towards the case.

February 2008, and Sandra Camille Abilities, pleads guilty to an individual count of identity fraud, later the same 30 days she was formally sentenced through the judge. Your “Black Widow”, possessed left a lasting impression and trail of damage wherever she went, leaving a trail of victims are anxious for her sentencing. When rights was finally insued, she was ordered to pay for a $250, 000 okay, a dn pay a lot more than $1, six-hundred dollars in restitution to the Moseley family.—How-You-Can-Have-One.htm—How-You-Can-Have-One/377103

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